Exonym allows industry to create & manage global Trust Networks.

Network of Trust

Trust Networks allows member institutions to grant & revoke privilege, among independent people, who are united by common principles.

The concept of a trust network is simple;

If a group of independents are all bound by the same guiding principles; they form a network that allows any one of them to say to the world:

"I am trustworthy"

Imagine claiming membership of a group and having that claim verified by anyone, or any service on the web. If membership is revoked, it is cross-platform and retrospective.

Scientists, physicians, lawyers, & accountants are all Trust Networks.

Natural Networks

Their network is their ability to prove qualifications.

On the web, everyone is a content provider; which has swamped us in incoherent opinions, conspiracies, and fake news.


If Bloggers were to form a network that agreed to something as simple as not spreading misinformation, it would help stop the spread of fake news.


If scientists formed networks by discipline; they could network freely without being caught up in a tide of conspiracy.

Anywhere there exists the fastidious and the fool – Trust Networks can help us filter the noise and increase the quality of the content we consume.

The Trust Network
Trust Network

On a Trust Network the Source defines a policy, the Nodes apply that policy, and the Peers agree to the policy.

Where policies & institutions already exist; deployment is as fast as you can rally support.

e.g. Journalism: the “Code of Ethics” might provide the policy, media companies facilitate the nodes, and the peers are the journalists.

One company takes the initiative to define the Source and every company that joins, adds a few hundred journalists.

The Source can be transferred later.

Each Node of the network should take the Source Policy as a minimum standard and either maintain the standard or increase it, to add higher quality to the network.


Claiming & verifying membership could not be simpler.

A webservice shows a QR code to the peer. The peer scans it with their App to prove membership.

qr scan

"Proof of Membership" is a cryptographic Token, which the service links to that account.

If a peer breaks policy, the Token is sent to their host, who can revoke membership.

This invalidates previous claims made by that peer.

Trust Network

A Trust Network Node is inspected to confirm it is a reliable publisher.

This allows the Source of a network to impose Secondary Network requirements onto individual nodes to support co-regulation.

The regulation pendulum is reportedly trending towards over-regulation[1] and any institutions who can control any aspect of the web are subject to pressure to perform additional controls.

In the absence of financial incentives; a global network can delegate control for specific activities.


Exonym offers the flexible assignment of privilege, facilitating multiple simultaneously valid approaches.

Direct Certification
Certification of an assessor, who can augment policies and/or enforce tertiary policies to facilitate regionally specific co-regulation
Certification of an Institution by an Assessor, who is trusted to add trustworthy independent actors

Network management is simple & boasts the latest web security. Exonym's low communication publish-subscribe protocols allow for lightweight hosting and its decentralized nature allows for node downtime.

Creating a network is as simple as giving it a unique name
Nodes can be bulk added and removed
Peers are added to the nodes in just a few steps
Revocation is drag & drop

All network forging protocols are publish-subscribe. "Prove" is the only interactive protocol.

The cryptography is powered by IBM's Identity Mixer, which is the result of over 35 years of cryptographic research. The library and the underlying protocols are open-source, peer-reviewed and offer sufficient unit test coverage to make the strictest of Quality Manager comfortable.

For fast deployment use the IBM Cloud Hosting and for a network with few revocations, their entry level hosting package is sufficient, which is free.

IBM Cloud is a highly reliable service with minimal outages. Each network subscribes to broadcasts from the other nodes to ensure that the entire network has the latest versions of cryptographic materials.

Verifiable Claims
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